I just added a new global plugin:

=== Clean Archive Reloaded ===

Using The Plugin:

Just create/edit a post or page and type [ cleanarchivesreloaded ] where you would like the archives list to show up. You can also use [ cartotalposts ] to show your total post count. (There are no spaces in the square brackets)

Configure options via Settings -> Clean Archives.

Mostly the plugins should be documented at:

But I’ll try to make notes when I add anything major here.

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WordPress Update.

The WordPress software we use for has been upgraded from 2.9.2 Multi-User to 3.0. WordPress have decided to merge the standard offering in with the multi-site version so a few things may look different in the administration menus.

I have fixed most of the bugs I found, and enabled a new default theme (twentyten) which we are using on the main site now. Report any bugs in the usual way and good luck!

There are notes on setting up your WordPress site here.

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Dum de de.

Nothing to see here! Please shoo. You know you don’t want to read any more of this.

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